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I pray that this little website becomes a home for those who have failed more times than they have won. I pray that this becomes a safe place for those who have tried, but at first, have not succeeded. I pray that this becomes a community for those who believe in the God of another chance.
— Cal Switzer

Husband. Father. Pastor.


Humble Recipient of Another Chance.



Cal Switzer was born in central Alberta but later moved as a small boy to British Columbia, where he lived until his early twenties. While living in British Columbia he met his sweetheart, Jan. They swiftly married and ventured off on their new journey together.



After Cal married his wife Jan they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they continued their education. Cal spent two years in Tulsa studying at Rhema Bible Training College, and serving in his local church. While serving at church Cal counselled the sick, ministered to the hopeless, and reached out to those in local youth prisons. During his time at the youth prison, Cal witnessed adolescents in dire circumstances who needed to experience the love that can only come from God. From that moment forth, Cal made it his life's mission to be a friend, helper and mentor to those in need.




Cal and Jan Pastor at Studio.Church, an urban church located near one of the loudest and most vibrant streets in the whole city. Cal believes that a church community needs to be in the darkest of places, in order to be the brightest of lights. While Cal is not Pastoring, he's traveling the world teaching the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of the Gospel. Time and time again, Cal has witnessed God give another chance to not only himself, but also, whoever else has the courage to accept and trust, that God is the God of another chance.




  • Cal loves his wifey Jan! Together, they have a son and two daughters [#36YearsStrong]
  • Cal has his Doctorate in Theology & Ministry (he's way too humble to ever mention it!) 
  • He once worked as a a car parts driver at an import auto dealership
  • He also once worked the grave yard shift stocking shelves at a local grocery store
  • Cal is a die-hard fan of the B.C. Lions, of the Canadian Football League, and has a love-hate relationship with his Edmonton Oilers (#MaybeThisYear?)
  • Cal has 3 dogs — Buddy, Major, & Chipper, and 2 cats — Bernie, & Bella
  • His favourite food of all time is a freshly grilled double cheese burger (extra grease!)
  • His favourite movie of all time is every Rocky movie
  • Cal’s favourite book of all time is The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

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Cal Switzer has over 30 years of public speaking and teaching experience under his belt. He has spoken at major events in Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Australia, and the United States. Cal's down to earth message of, You Deserve Another Chance, transcends age, social demographic and denomination.

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